Rescue Update - Aria's Story


Names have been changed to protect victims.

In the last three months, 19 victims of human trafficking have been rescued and brought to the WellHouse. Of those victims, one is named Aria.

Aria was three years old when her mother lost custody of her. She was adopted by a family friend who took care of her until she was 13 years old. At 13, her adoptive mother lost custody of her and she was admitted to foster care.

In foster care, at 13 years of age, Aria was introduced to trafficking. She was sold out of group homes, including one residential facility.

She was trafficked to Utah and sold to over 30 buyers per week. She was sold in strip clubs, and had a group of peers and pimps from different social groups including gangs and their affiliates.

She has been beaten, drugged, repeatedly raped, sold, cyber bullied, and chased by her trafficker.

As of late, Aria has been seeking help. She has a mentor, Amy.

One night recently, as Aria was hanging out with her friend Sam at another friend’s house, she and Sam were suddenly drugged, robbed, and assaulted by a group of men. They were beaten with rocks and bricks, and then taken and left at a local pharmacy.

The police were contacted. They questioned the victims and filed a report. They were concerned with Aria’s condition and stated that she should receive medical attention, but they were not willing to escort her to the hospital. Amy was contacted and showed up to help. She took Aria to the emergency room.

Aria was later discharged from the hospital, but she wanted more help. She wanted someone to talk to. She wanted to know what was going to happen next. She wanted rest, medical treatment, and care.

That’s when she found out about The WellHouse. After everything she’d been through, she finally had hope again. Aria has been receiving the rest and care she needs at The WellHouse. At The WellHouse, she will receive dental and medical treatment, trauma counseling, counseling specifically for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as legal assistance, case management, and life skills.

In the foster care system, Aria never learned how to drive, manage a budget, or apply for school. The WellHouse is helping Aria and many victims like her learn these critical life skills through our long term care program.

There is grace for Aria. There is grace and an abundance of love for Aria. Her life is worthy. She is worthy. God is doing a great work in Aria.

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