A Stream of Light in the Darkness

By Debby Haralson, Chief Operating Officer

By Debby Haralson, Chief Operating Officer

When we think about the statistics and the stories that surround human trafficking, we can easily feel overwhelmed by the darkness. Make no mistake, it is grim.  But just for today, I would like to share a special stream of light I saw recently. 

On this day, our small staff was able to set aside some time to honor two very special women.  We let the ladies know weeks in advance.  They invited their WellHouse mentors who were kind enough to bring a few more special friends and some celebratory afternoon snacks. As the starting time drew near, we were somewhat surprised as we watched more and more friends walk through our doors.

Early morning Bible teachers, dentist appointment drivers, prayer warriors, recovery partners, rescue team leaders, our Pastor, a GED tutor, the beloved Cooks on a Mission women and so many more, filed in. Then, each resident from our three homes joined the group! We stood together and applauded our two friends. After countless challenges and changes these two women were GRADUATING.

Everyone who joins our program has to overcome enormous obstacles just to arrive. We love each for as long as they choose to stay. On this day, we celebrated these two because they chose to remain. They embraced (and yes, some days they merely endured) God’s mysterious method of WellHouse restoration (Up early. Chores by 8. Morning Meditation. School work. Job Skills. Life skills. Study time. Exercise. Group Therapy. More therapy. Bible Study…Repeat!) They completed an enormous amount of work and now, even better, are among the inaugural members of our brand new transitional living program: Next Steps to Independence. 

Why has this stream of light stayed with me, even today, as I know that our ministry teams are once again working through the deep darkness? Maybe it was just a reminder that the worthwhile things, the eternal, unchangeable things require endurance and faith; a reminder that we would all do well to remain just a little longer. But I think I know why the small light felt so bright. If you have had the distinct privilege of meeting any of the women of The WellHouse, I think you also know why. “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well,” wrote Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

God’s redemption has a way of revealing itself in love. Congratulations to our recent graduates. We celebrate you, love you and look forward to many, many more happy days.

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