Our Process


A call to our crisis line begins with an assessment to determine how the WellHouse can best help. This process is facilitated by our Rescue Supervisor who coordinates the next best step for the victim to include transportation and pick-up. This marks an important first step towards freedom.

the immediate shelter (TIS)

When a victim arrives at the WellHouse, TIS is her first stop. This phase of the WellHouse program is designed to last 90 days while the most immediate needs of the victim are met. These needs include clothing, shoes, hygiene items, medical care (including dental and psychiatric care), a psycho-social evaluation performed by a caring, compassionate Social Services Employee, referrals to resources as needed, and restoration of vital identifications such as a social security card and birth certificate.

Next Steps to Freedom (NSF)

The trauma informed care approach begun in TIS continues as a rescued resident is given the opportunity to progress in her healing in our long term program called Next Steps to Freedom. Each resident is guided by a compassionate, caring Social Services Supervisor in establishing an individualized case plan where life goals are established. These goals are designed to lead to true independence and include, but not limited to, life skills classes, intensive job skills training, educational opportunities and community involvement.  Intensive trauma focused and substance abuse counseling, both individual and group, play major roles in the healing and restoration process while at NSF.  Rounding out our holistic approach to healing are the ongoing opportunities for spiritual growth.

Transitional living/ Next steps to independence (NSI)

After approximately 9-12 months a resident who is enrolled in advanced education and/or has obtained employment may be recommended for our Transitional Living program by the Social Services Team. The time in NSI will continue to be monitored by a case manager as well as ongoing counseling and spiritual guidance. This area of programming will also be available to mothers who are able to regain custody of their children.

Alternatives to transitional living/NSI

Military service, college, successful family reunification, and other independent living settings are a part of alternatives. The WellHouse works closely with each lady who seeks one of these alternatives, and she may continue to live in our Transitional Living/NSI home as needed while also receiving  case management, counseling, and activities for spiritual growth.