Ella's Story


This is an authentic survivor story. Names have been changed to protect the victim.

Ella was sex trafficked from age 4 to 17.

“Like every day,” Ella told me.

Her father was her trafficker.

In Alabama and across the United States, children are trafficked every day by their parents. The two people put on earth to protect them, instead sexually exploit them for money. Or drugs.

Sadly, Ella’s story is not uncommon. Many women come to The WellHouse seeking safety from a lifetime of sexual abuse.

Remarkably, after the long-term recovery program offered at The WellHouse, and the consistent opportunities to get to know a loving, protective, and safe Father God, the women at The WellHouse can find inner healing.

Many kids in this situation run away from home. It isn’t until age 17 that they can legally do so without being placed back in the home.

Ella was 17 when she ran away from home. She stayed with extended family for a time. She started going to church and made a friend who heard about human trafficking and recognized some of the signs in Ella.

One day, this friend went to an event and was introduced to the WellHouse Program Officer Marlie Hyde and Rescue Supervisor Tawanda Williams (now Case Manager). Her friend then came back to Ella and told her about a safe place where she might find renewal.

Since her time at The WellHouse, Ella has stayed committed to the program and is nearing graduation. She describes the process as painful at times, but she is willing to do the hard work that is recovery.

She is now employed and in college. She enjoys many different artistic hobbies, and has dreams of teaching these arts to others as well as owning her own business. It’s apparent her life has been redeemed, and the love and grace that she’s received shines through her.

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