God’s Favor and The WellHouse

By Carolyn Potter, Chief Executive Officer

By Carolyn Potter, Chief Executive Officer

In a few weeks, I will celebrate 5 years of service at The WellHouse! What an incredible journey it has been, to say the least! The countless faith-building opportunities—and relationships built with incredible staff and volunteers—have strengthened my own faith. But, what has caused me to grow the most, is experiencing God while witnessing His divine deliverance of those who most would have considered to be forever broken and lost.

I learned early on that this is a highly favored ministry. I searched for reasons for why the favor of God was so obviously on this work. My search took me to the scriptures, specifically the females who were so egregiously exploited throughout the history of Bible times—such as Rahab, Tamara, the woman at the well, and Mary Magdalene—and it was so easy to see their strong connection to Christ! And in an instant, my heart knew that Jesus loves our ladies, just as He loved these and ensured that their stories were remembered through His Holy Word!

Recently, Governor Ivey announced a large grant for The WellHouse. We are so very grateful, and we want to clarify that this is a continuation of the VOCA grant which we received initial funding from three years ago. It is not a new source of income, and it is divided over 18 months. It has allowed for sustainability of many of our services, but, in no way reduces the need for The WellHouse to continue to depend on our generous individual, church, corporate, and foundation donors.

We simply could not meet the current need, nor continue the much-needed expansion of our services, without the generosity of our donors. You are God’s provision for this very important work! 

At The WellHouse, many amazing stories are being written, and we look forward to seeing how God’s favor continues to allow us to grow this work and minister to so many more who are very important to the Heavenly Father.  Please join us—if you have never done so—in providing for the work God is doing in the women at The WellHouse. And please continue providing, if you are a current supporter. You are key to God’s ongoing provision for this very important work!

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