Letter from the CEO - June 2019

By Carolyn Potter, Chief Executive Officer

By Carolyn Potter, Chief Executive Officer

At The WellHouse, we just celebrated the opening of our transitional living apartments on campus. The Next Steps to Independence will serve as a safe place for survivor graduates to get acclimated to life after the therapeutic recovery program offered at The WellHouse.

We have a lot to be thankful for as we look ahead! Our plans to grow continue! We are looking at expanding our facilities even more to provide better programming and activities for our residents. Stay tuned for more!

As I was thinking about the heart of The WellHouse, our heart towards these survivors, I heard a powerful message recently on the biblical story of Joseph in Genesis 37, and I wanted to share, as there was such a connection to the work we do with victims of modern day slavery.

Joseph's brothers were very jealous of him. When they had the opportunity, they decided to do away with him, and the brothers threw Joseph into a dark pit and planned to leave him to die. But, at the urging of the eldest brother, they connived a different plan: they sold him to strangers! Joseph's abuse is like that of modern day human trafficking. 

Joseph ended up in Egypt as a servant to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh's guard. During this time, Joseph was falsely accused of rape and ended up in prison. After much suffering and time in prison, Joseph found favor by interpreting a dream for Pharaoh.

Joseph had an amazing response in the face of life altering abuse. When Joseph should have had manifestations of lingering pain, he did not. Joseph realized that there was a plan for his life beyond what could be fathomed. He extended grace to his abusers that was impossible for them to fathom. Joseph is an example of one who used his abuse as a path to amazing victory!

Likewise, our residents have suffered life altering abuse with pain that emerges in many ways. They have trouble controlling the thoughts of their abuse when it assaults their minds and manifests in ways that are hard to understand. They need what Joseph had, and they deserve to be shown that there is a deeper healing that will lead them to a wonderful life. 

God has an equally great plan for their lives and for ours as we minister to them!  There is a God whose grace and forgiveness is greater than their abuse and pain. Our message to survivors is this: there is hope in Christ.

Prayer is the greatest manifestation of care that we can show and give to anyone! Prayer is hard work, and praying for someone shows true care for their well-being. 

Pray for a survivor of human trafficking today. Pray for a release of freedom on their life. Pray the chains would be broken in Jesus name!

Thank you all for your constant commitment to The WellHouse, to our survivors, and to this cause.

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