Nadene's Story


Nadene’s earliest memories are as a young child getting beaten and her mother calling her a “whore.” Her mother would tell her, “I never wanted you.” Her rejection began as a small child by those who were meant to care for her and protect her. Heartbreakingly, when Nadene came to The WellHouse, she said, “I don’t know if I ever felt love.”

At age nine, Nadene was molested and it changed her life forever. She began using drugs to cope with her confusion and torment. Then she began running away.

At age 13, she was in and out of juvenile detention centers. At 14, she was shooting up meth. At 15, she was sentenced to California Youth Authority (CYA) for drug addiction and running away. While in CYA, Nadene was molested by her therapist. She said, “I left a heroin addict.”

By 19, Nadene was pregnant with her first child. She cared for her child for some time before the Department of Human Resources stepped in and took the child into their care. She complied with the requirements to regain custody of her child, and in the meantime, got pregnant a second time. When she got her first daughter back, she took both of the children to Las Vegas to live with her, and that’s where she met her pimp Anthony.


Anthony promised to love her and her children, then he married her and she became pregnant a third time. He then began forcing her to sell her body.

Nadene tried to run from Anthony for years, and became pregnant during her final attempt at running away. Out of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt, she came back.

As of now, Nadene has lost all six of her children. Before coming to The WellHouse, she blamed herself for losing custody of her children, and she believed that she deserved everything that happened to her.

At The WellHouse, Nadene is learning that this is not true. Nadene is a child of God. She is dearly loved by God, as are Nadene’s children. God is in the process of healing Nadene through His work at The WellHouse.

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