Difference Makers

By Brenda Brown, Volunteer Coordinator

By Brenda Brown, Volunteer Coordinator

One of the pillars of the The WellHouse is the “hearts and hands” through which the organization’s mission would not be possible: our volunteers. I passionately refer to them as Difference Makers, those who long to live out the gifts and talents that God has placed within them.

Each WellHouse volunteer truly exhibits the intention and instruction of Paul in Philippians 2:4, "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."

Realizing that each visit with a warm meal, each Bible study taught, each donation provided, each phone call answered, each prayer spoken—each—plays a part in the restoration process at The WellHouse.


Some recent volunteer events of mention include a Valentine’s tea party, surprise Valentine’s gift baskets with roses, a makeover session, a Bingo activity with prizes, organizing a resource library, a portrait artist workshop, and several luncheons.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Groups to conduct spring and summer landscaping projects

  • Groups to teach a job readiness seminar, including resume building and mock interviews

  • House Sitters to provide relief for the House Coordinator to take a break or run an errand

Thank you to those who have given their time and become the “hearts and hands” of our organization. We look forward to serving alongside those that God will continue to call to join us in this great work!

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