This precious young lady has repeatedly expressed pain due to her mother’s drug overdose and death.  Being without family, she spiraled out of control and sought love and care from the wrong people. She was introduced to drugs and was trafficked by people who used her to support their habit. She had two children, but lost custody when she was charged with “prostitution” and had to go to jail.  Society still does not understand trafficking; we still fail to look at the reality of the force, fraud and coercion that a young lady suffers, which is the very definition of trafficking. Had this been done, law enforcement would have rescued Brenda instead of charging her. She was told about The WellHouse while she was incarcerated and she is a resident and doing very well. Her goal is to remain clean from drugs and regain custody of her children. The staff and volunteers at The WellHouse are committed to helping her reach these goals. 

Ashton Dugger