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I had been living as a fugitive for seven years. A drug addict, I sacrificed my dignity day and night to survive. At times, I felt so hopeless that I lost my will to live. On Christmas Eve 2016, by the grace of God, I was rescued. From a referral officer, I learned about The WellHouse. The doors opened and I decided to come here. For the first time in seven long years I feel a ray of hope. Since I arrived at The WellHouse, I have experienced an amazing transformation: body, mind and spirit. I have discovered a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose. The outpouring of love, encouragement and grace has been amazing. I now look forward to a bright future. Every day I spend here at The WellHouse, I am building a better foundation that helps me to reach my goals. I love my life. I am grateful for all that is being done here to restore our lives. God is good.     –Shelley

I was on the streets of Birmingham for months and on a Tuesday I went to the McDonald’s on First Avenue and was prayed for by the “Special Ops.” I will never forget the power I felt coming from Tajuan and Roxanne’s hands on my head as they were praying for me. I ended up in Jefferson County Jail where I was told about a lady named Tajuan. I made the connection and called the 800 number. I have been at The WellHouse for several months now and I am a life that is being changed! This special ministry has offered me a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a new life. They are helping me with every area of my life through the Gospel, counseling, classes and even my health. I thank God every day for opening the doors of The WellHouse for me, for the staff that is facilitating it and the donors that sow into it.     -Hannah

I would like to begin my story by saying…I have been saved. The Lord, my God, has redeemed me and has lead me to a place that has given me a second chance at life. Most would call it a miracle…I call it The WellHouse. Growing up with such insecurities, and low self-esteem, I found it hard to find acceptance. I was in search of love, in all the wrong places. I was in search of love in all the wrong places. I found lonely nights, depression and at times, thoughts of suicide. I felt trapped and scared. I figured this was my destiny. I truly thought my life would be like this forever. But, I was so wrong. God had a plan for me. He introduced me to a place full of grace. A place that has nurtured me back to health. A place of belonging, a place to call home. I have cdome to believe, I am worthy. I have felt God’s unconditional love me, transpired through every team member at The WellHouse. I am free. I am forgiven. I am restored, and could not have found myself again if it wasn’t for the tender love and care of God opening up the doors at The WellHouse, ultimately giving me my life back.       –Tracey