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enerosity fuels our rescue and recovery efforts. Sponsorships enable us to further our mission, as well as acknowledge the kind individuals, companies, and organizations that support our activities, programs, and events.

Program Sponsorships

A company, agency, or organization may become a one-time or continuous sponsor of The WellHouse. We can set up different donation types and/or service partner arrangements.

Event and transportation sponsorships are also available.

Victim Recovery Sponsorships

A person or agency may sponsor a woman’s stay at The WellHouse, as she reclaims her freedom. This financial support helps us cover the cost of her housing, food, counseling, clothing, and personal hygiene. Suggested sponsorship amounts are, as follows:

  • $20 sponsors one day of freedom
  • $150 sponsors a woman for one week
  • $600 sponsors a woman for a month (30 days)