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The WellHouse reaches out to the victims of sex trafficking in a variety of ways.

Brochures about The WellHouse are strategically placed frequented by women being prostituted, such as local motels, hotels, and truck stops. Victims are encouraged to call the toll-free number 1-800-991-0948. This line is manned 24/7 by trained representatives.

The WellHouse team organizes weekly “Special Ops”.  This effort initiates personal encounters to pray with and assist women in need. These visits generate considerable “word of mouth” alerts to other victims aboutthe WellHouse. To participate, please visit to volunteer.

Directors of The WellHouse, are actively involved in ongoing public awareness about the hidden problem of human trafficking and the psychological impact of pornography. They are frequent presenters at churches, businesses, and community organizations. To schedule a presentation to your group, please visit us here to contact us.