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How is Success Measured?

This is a question often asked of The WellHouse representatives.

he answer varies from person to person since each situation is different. We prefer to measure effectiveness over success. For example, each girl is welcomed into the safety of the WellHouse and experiences a measure of God’s grace and love.  This is not soon forgotten. Whether she is with us for two days or two years, this is a time when she is not being assaulted daily, but experiencing love and care and offered the opportunity for healing and restoration.

JulieAnn understands how to overcome.

I never want to be called a prostitute! What happened to me was not my choice! I was forced to do horrible things by my traffickers. I was living in a southern state and was in a homeless shelter with my baby. I advertised for a job and was contacted by a woman and a man telling me they had work for me. But, they took my baby and me and forced me into the life of human trafficking. They used my baby as leverage to make me do things as they trafficked me across several states.
Thankfully, law enforcement rescued me, and I was able to come to the WellHouse with my baby. My child and I have a wonderful, caring home at the WellHouse, and I have the opportunity to finish my education and train for a job that will allow me to provide by myself and my child. Thank you WellHouse.